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  1. Hi Nancy,
    What a wonderful web site to share your art. I knew that you were an artist but had know idea of the scope of your talent, I am very impressed.
    Wishing you and Wayne a beautiful, happy New Year. love Glenda and Peter

    • Dear Peter and Glenda …
      Thank you for your kind words about my web page. i appreciate your taking the time to view it.
      Happy New year, Love,Nancy

  2. Hi, I am a long time friend of Suzanne’s and John and met you at their 30th party at the Isthmus. Suzanne told me you were an artist, but I had no idea till your website. Beautiful !

    Regards, Monique

    • Dear Nancy:

      So pleased to see your lovely artwork. Finish one of them and enter them into the Alumni Art Chapter’s upcoming June show. Deadline for receiving them is May 2nd…Also, can you help us at the chapter for some upcoming events? You helped with the Used Book Sale in the past and it is always so nice to have you there with us…Looking forward to hearing from you. Florence

  3. Love seeing the works of art that you’ve created over the years. I know this is just a sampling and hope that 2014 will be a very creative year for you and your talents.

  4. I am so proud to be your daughter. What an amazing diversity of Mediums and Styles you’ve cultivated over time. Keep up your development and skills Mom, your talents are appreciated by more people then you realize.

  5. I knew some of your family in Hong Kong. My Mom is also a painter although she doesn’t paint as much now. I am so impressed with your work and am so happy you have put it on here so that others can share in the beauty. You go girl!

    • Dear Cathy,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement regarding my art.
      I so appreciate your taking the time to review the lovely web page
      Suzanne and John gave me as a Christmas present.
      Please touch base now and then as the work will be changing.
      May you have a happy new year ,
      Nancy Long-Hine

  6. I have just looked at it. YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!!

    Big hugs,

  7. Loved your new web site. What an impressive accomplishment you have had or are having. It just keeps getting better so labor on my friend.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    What an amazing natural talent you have and I love the way that you are prepared to use and experiment with a great range of mediums. Do you have a preference at this stage of any particular style/medium?

    Keep up the great work (looking forward to seeing more of it)!

    Kind Regards,

    Brian & Laine
    (Australian Friend’s of Suzanne & John) can see where Suzanne gets her talent from. 🙂

    • Dear Brian,
      Thank you for taking the time to review my art web page.
      Your kind words are encouraging and appreciated.
      To answer your question:, At the moment I am working in oil but no, I have no favorite medium.
      Please touch base with me from time to time as the art work presented will be changing.

      Happy New year, Nancy Long-Hine

  9. Dear Nancy,

    I really enjoyed looking at your online gallery and the rest of your website! I think your paintings are beautiful!
    My mom gave me her print ( I always forget it is not the original ) of “Sampan Lady”. I love it!!! It has been hanging in my living room for many years!

    Love, Mary

    • Dear Mary,
      Delighted to see your comment on the lovely new Web page that John and Suzanne gave me for a Christmas present.

      It is very nice to know that “SAMPAN LADY” is still in the “family”. The copy you have is the painting that made it to the World Woman’s
      Conference in China. I will see if I can come across the newspaper article about that conference.

      I have a lovely, colorful painting, your Mom painted of the Singapore Market.
      It always reminds me of great times.

      Please pass my web page on to others and check in now and then as the work will be changing.
      Love, Nancy

  10. Nancy, your website is beautifully done, and of course, the art is more luscious than a Godiva chocolate! Congratulations on getting it out there for the world to enjoy.

  11. Hello, I met you at Catalina Island for John and Suzanne’s anniversary party. I didn’t know you are an artist. I am impressed with your work! I’m glad I have the opportunity to view your talent and see the paintings on this website.

  12. Thank you, Thank you. I’M IMPRESSED!!!! This is a keeper in my
    (keeper file). Look out Van Gogh. You had better wake up and start painting again.
    I love your Web page. I really like your style of painting. I want to
    know more about your success. Thanks.

    Don Ruthrauff

  13. Dear Nancy,

    I certainly am enjoying your webpage. I found the picture of our group . That was the day we took the train to Oakland. You must miss Maggie. I miss all of you. Do you know anything of Ann. I am sorry I have not kept in touch enough. We got acquainted with quite a few people here….
    I also joined an art guild. I am just too busy running around , and don’t paint much.
    I admire you for doing so much. Your art is wonderful. Glad that you and Wayne keep so busy. Jim has slowed down quite a bit. I won’t admit that about myself….oh well.
    We only got to California once in 2013. So many people to see when we are there..’.

    Fondly, Penny

  14. Dear Nancy,

    Remember me, your “cousin” Sr. Dominic? Suzanne recently sent a link to your website. I tiptoed through it, and it is so well done! I did not realize there is a well-known artist in the family…

    Had I a home of my own, I would hang “Celebrate the Vine” on my living room wall. The grapes look so real and fresh enough to eat! And “Anna’s Morning Coffee” has to be your mother, yes?

    Did Suzanne tell you that my community has now decided to relocate to Springfield, IL, rather than to Menlo Park. We expect to make the move this September. I am really happy with this. Adding up St. Louis and Indianapolis, there is a passel of Yanker cousins in the area! But I will never forget the trip to California, and the joy of meeting you and Sally.

    May the Lord prosper all your hopes and plans during this New Year.
    Sr. Dominic — “Cousin” Judy Yanker

  15. Hi Aunt Nancy,
    I checked out your art website and what a beautiful showcase of your talents it has. I am very impressed! Tell Suzanne and John they did a wonderful job!


  16. Hi, Nancy,
    I’ve enjoyed exploring your website, learning more about your background and seeing images of your painting (and other media). Thank you for letting me know about the website!


  17. Nancy, You are so talented! Enjoying your talent and versatility of mediums. I know we will
    have fun on our new collage project. Looking forward to it. Rosann

  18. Dear Nancy,

    Thank you for sharing with us your viewpoint through your art. Your works always carry multilayer dimensions and evoke depth. The colors are bright, the atmosphere positive and the fabric of the contents expressive. We added your painting to our home and immediately things became vivid, so that we had to adapt to your colors.

    I would like to thank you for this change of mood.


  19. Dear Alborz,

    Your thought provoking and positive comments give me great pleasure. I am so pleased that my
    painting “The Tide Pools”has found a home with you and your family. May it bring you joy and
    help you recall sweet memories of your childhood.
    Thank you for taking the time from your very busy medical practice to send me this note.

    Warmly, Nancy

  20. Dear Nancy,
    You were surprised to learn things about me and I in turn, because of your beautiful “Singapore” note card was surprised to learn of your artistic talents. Checking out your web site I decided to leave a reply so that you will know that I was here. Love your art work.

    With new respect,
    Margi Klein

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