Artist Statement

72817549-SLD-002-0038The first eight years of my life seemed to have been spent in the back seat of cars as my parents traveled across the United States.  They finally settled in Sacramento, California.  During this period my Mother encouraged my drawing and supplied me with art materials.  I grew to know I was destined to be an artist.

During my Junior High and High School years there was not a piece of paper within my reach that did not get doodled on, much to the consternation of family and teachers.

In High School I was singled out for special art and design projects along with one other student who remains a lifelong friend of considerable artistic talent, Richard Rummonds.  My Mother, my art instructors and some friends were all mentors for which I am very appreciative.

During my College and University years I had many opportunities to further my artistic abilities including working as an assistant to Mildred Reis, a premier Sacramento Interior Decorator. This opened the door to  positions doing interior displays for two high end department stores, John Brueners Furniture in Sacramento and the Crescent Department Store in Spokane, Washington.

I have been very fortunate in my life that I have lived and loved and learned in so many places, to have grown to know and appreciate people of many lands and cultures and to have studied under instructors of diverse backgrounds and styles.


Nancy Foosaner Long-Hine

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