Professional Experience

Image101949-1950    Interior Display Decorator for John Bruenner’s Store, 6th and K Street, Sacramento, California

1950-1952   Executive Design Assistant to Mildred Reis, Interior Decorator, 16th and Broadway, Sacramento, California

1952-1953   Interior Display for Crescent Department Store, Spokane, Washington

1969-1972   Art Instructor at Children’s International Art School-Hong Kong, B.C.C.

1970              Designed and Decorated Office Space for Executives of American International Group, AIG Building, Hong Kong, B.C.C.

1978-1979    Art Instructor at Houston Contemporary Museum-Houston, Texas

1985-1987     Manager of the International Boutique, Interfaith Service Bureau- Sacramento, California

1989-1993     Private Art Instruction given to students at my studio at the Hine Ranch in Colusa, County, California

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