Dear Nancy,

Your painting of Fort Bragg now rests on our mantle. I am remined that I need to be walking barefoot on “my” beach.
We will treasure your painting always.

Brenda & Jeff Miller Arbuckle, CA


Dear Mrs. Long,

My husband and I wish to thank you for contributing to our successful art show.  We feel that it has been a great opportunity for our diplomatic Singapore and American friends here to enjoy works of Americans living in Singapore.  We wish you success in your continued interest in your art.


Dorthy Cronk

March 22, 1973

Wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore


“Vision in the Rain” painting

A beautiful haunting piece of art.  Something I wish to own when I first viewed it.  I hope the others will enjoy the opportunity to share it with me.

Mrs. C.L. F McVinish – Via Lismore, Australia


From Bob and Mary Ellen Danze

“Morning Market”

Bought at show in Shangri-La Show in Singapore but lived in Houston, Texas

Your picture is the first replacement of belongings we left in Saigon, when the city fell.


“Jungle Shadows”

It’s has been a privilege to purchase some of your work.  I just love the colors and the subjects.

Thanks again. Wishing you great success.

With kind regards,

Termio Giaz – Singapore


Dear Nancy,

Your lovely painting “The Orchids” will serve to remind me of a

lovely experience while visiting Singapore.

Thank you,

Mr. Clifford Lee- Pianist, London, England

A Batik painting



Beale Air Force Base

Dear Nancy:

On behalf of Beale Air Force Base, we would like to thank you for the painting “Holly Hocks”. Your work will hang in our new club, Recce Point that is scheduled to open in the next few weeks.

Capt Cindi Feldwisch, Capt. USAF

Special Projects Officer


Mercy Woodland Health Care Foundation, Woodland, CA

We do appreciate your letting us hang your beautiful artwork. We are purchasing your companion pieces of the Sutter Buttes.  They will be hanging in the entrance to the surgery center. We are also purchasing your painting “Singapore Gardens” for the Coffee Shop.

Eric Dahler, Executive Director


Rose Ina Brady of Chase Manhattan Bank, Singapore

“the Violets”

The picture is beautiful. We have hung it in the den and are enjoying it very much.


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