Corporate Patrons

Chase Manhattan Bank, New York City, New York

Purchased by Mr. Owen Brady

Otis Elevator, Singapore

Purchased  by Mr. Blake Shippe

Exxon Oil, S.E.Asia

Purchased by Mr. Fred Geiser

Esso Eastern Oil, Houston, Texas

Purchased by MR. Bob Dasze

U.S. Air Force- Beale Air Force Base

Purchased by Captain Cindi Feldwisch

Mercy  Woodland Health Care Foundation

“Singapore Gardens” purchased and “Sutter Buttes” series

Charity Donations 

Channel 6 Art Auction, Sacramento, California

Crocker Art Museum Art Auction at The Pavilions, Sacramento, California

Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Sacramento, California

Westminster Presbyterian Church -Children’s room mural, Sacramento, California

Westminster Presbyterian Church – Exterior Holiday Banners, Sacramento, California

       Sacramento City Food Bank, Sacramento, California

Private Collections

Ms. Carola Jenkins- Somerset, England

Mr. Clifford Lee- London, England

Mrs. Judy Terrett Seaforth- New South Wales, Australia

Ms. Heidi Duren- Spring Green, Wisconsin

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geiser- Sugarland, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Stark-Sun City, Arizona

Mr. George Harris- Englewood, Colorado

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Long- Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Locke-Houston, Texas

Mrs. June Vann- Austin, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Shipp-Houston, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Hiroka Umeda- Kokubunji, Tokyo

Mr. and Mrs. C Chia- Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Mr. and Mrs. Y.J.Elias-Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Mr. and Mrs. C.L.F. McVrnish- Sydney , Australia

Mr. John O’Rourke- Oriental, North Carolina

Ms. Jancuite Jias- Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Danze- Saigon, Viet Nam

Dr. Dixie Tan-Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Dr. Tan Ngoh Chuan, Hong Kong, China

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harlow- Sacramento, California

Mr. and Mrs. Petrus Haga- Sacramento, California

Mrs. Kathryn L. Witter- Vacaville, California

Mrs. Betty Fairbrother- Sacramento, California

Ms. Janet McDermalk-Sacramento, California

Ms. Suzanne Long- Laguna Beach, California

Glady’s Evans, Sacramento Ca.

Jan Zabish, Sacramento  Ca.

Mary Bixler, Rocklin Ca. (Wee Bit of Scotland)


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